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Play Splinterlands Like Magic While You Sleep.

A Splinterlands bot service that meets your needs. Join our Discord to Automate Splinterlands and Earn.

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Who benefits from our Splinterlands Bot?

Want to play Splinterlands but don't have time?

Love the idea of play-to-earn gaming, but you're too swamped with other commitments?

Have a massive collection, but you find yourself too busy to play?

Or perhaps you’re just a new player who isn’t quite sure what cards to choose.

No matter which of those describes you, we know how it feels.

That’s why Archmage Splinterlands Bot was made.

It will put your collection to good use and play for you while you work, sleep or do whatever you want. This is great because you earn passive income from Splinterlands with minimal effort.

The Archmage Bot is powered by our proprietary database of winning strategies and exclusive hand-selection framework. It’s designed to make the best use of the cards in your collection, meaning it will adapt to what you give it and select cards that should increase your win rate. Further, you don’t need any technical or programming skills to use the service, because it is completely hosted by the Archmage team.

Excited? Us too!

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Archmage Splinterland Bot Features

Here's some of what makes Archmage so magical.

No Coding Required

Th Archmage Bot is run on our servers so you never have to touch a line of code to get up and running.

Smart Hand Selection

Our hand selection framework is powered by a proprietary database of winning strategies. It works to make the best use of whatever cards you have in your collection.

Adaptable to Your Goals

Our configuration settings allow YOU to choose how the bot runs to adapt it to your goals. You can control how often it plays or when it stops, cards it should not play, and more. The control is at your fingertips.